[Teaser] The Ugly Truth

the ugly truth poster

The Ugly Truth – Teaser

The Untouchable Her sequel

The Ugly Truth – Teaser

Casts: Cho Kyuhyun, Choi Siwon, OC

Genre: Romance

Rating: PG-15

Length: Chapter (3 chaps)

A story by Red



Ini sequel The Untouchable Her. Dan ini baru teaser-nya aja. Yes, teaser is meant to tease you all. Aku harap teaser ini bisa bikin kalian penasaran sama sequel The Untouchable Her mengingat akhir cerita UH kemarin ngengantung sekali ahahahh (emang sengaja bikin gantung).

Bakal ada 3 part sequel, The Ugly Truth 3 part. Jangan lupa tunggu ‘full version’ ketiga sequel-an UH ini yaaa. Dan kata terakhir, enjoy J


The Untouchable Her – Chap 1

The Untouchable Her – Chap 2

The Untouchable Her – Chap 3




If she could rewind the time, probably she wouldn’t say yes back then. She thought she would be happy but what she got? More pain. Severe pain. She would trade everything to get her boo boy back.


Yes, she’s Ivanka. She’s like vacillated with her own choice and she hates to admit that.


“At least you still can smile.” She mumbles to herself.


A sound of her office door opening awaken her from her wide-open-eyed dream. A voice of a guy she knows well meets her eardrums. “Hi sweety, c’mon it’s late already. I’ll take you home.” And now she must start faking her smile again.


She’s fighting her own war.



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