River Flows



In related story with: cœur


The faint smell of Lilac filled her soul with hope.




Lee Donghae still remember how Han Cheonsa took her hand from his and began to run down the sandy beach. The late afternoon sun seemed to frame her exquisite beauty as she ran towards the flowing water.

He couldn’t help but smile as he looked after her and saw the pure joy on her face. He quickly followed and soon they were embracing in the warm water that the day provided for them.

He knew, then and there, that there would be countless other days, for the rest of his life, just as this with the two of them together and the thought made him swell inside. He thanked whatever force in the world that allowed him to have a girl like her.

He looked down at her and thought she looked just as beautiful as she did long ago one evening running along a beach. The thought brought more tears to his eyes and he could no longer hold back the push of them. He stood there not registering any of the counseling words from family and friends as they ushered past her casket full with Lilac.

She slipped deeper into her peaceful sleep as the faint smell of Lilacs filled her soul with hope. 
His mind was only focused on the joy and happiness he had once felt. The time slipped by faster than he had anticipated and he soon found himself walking towards the exit.
He emerged from the church to find himself gazing at yet another late afternoon sunset but found it brought him nothing.






Im so angsty lol but Donghae x Cheonsa’s death seems a good one to write. [buat yang gangerti tanya aja dibagian mana yang gangertinya soalnya lmao im too lazy to make the bahasa vers]



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