[FF Of The Week] End of Me


End of Me

(Sequel of The End of Us)

Presented by: Val



Any man can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a dad.”


[FF Of The Week] The Birthday


Written By: A-Ha

 The Birthday

Tag: Cho Kyuhyun

Genre : Comedy, Romance

Rating: Up your opinions =D

Length: One Shot




[FF Of The Week] Retreat


Judul Cerita              : RETREAT
Tag (tokoh/cast)        : Cho Kyuhyun, So Yeong
Genre                         : Hurt. Life
Rating                        : PG-14
Length                        : One-Shot


[FF Of The Week] Still Love Me


Still Love Me

Author : Shin Je Wo

Cast: Lee Hyukjae

Kim Eunmi

Suport: Park Minji

Cast di IMF

Ratting:  PG-15

Genre : Romance.


[FF Of The Week] My Last Dream


My Last Dream

Author : Ifa Raneza

Cast: Yesung (Kim Jong Woon) , Kim Soon Hee (OC)

Genre  : Sad Romance

Type    : Oneshoot





(SJ KRY – My Love My Kiss My Heart)

A day feels like a year

My heart continues to sink because it only looks for your trace for days

When I forcefully swallow a bite of food, it feels like a grain of sand

The day without you has stopped. Just like this now.

My love, my kiss, my heart

I’ll bury them all. A place deep in my heart

One love, one kiss, to my heart

I’ll try to forget everything. I’ll erase everything



[FF Of The Week] My Very First


Author : [Ve] Hyun~ Ae

Cast : Hyun Ri [OC], Kyuhyun



Apa salah jika seseorang mencintai sahabatnya sendiri?

Uhmm.. menurutku tidak. More

[FF Of The Week] Punishment

Punishment Blog

Author            : gluu ^.^

Genre             : Romance, Angst, Comedy, Marriage Life

Rating             : PG 17

Length            : Oneshot

Cast :

–       Choi Si Won of Super Junior

–       Han Jaeyoung

–       Cho Kyu Hyun of Super Junior

–       Park Sung Rin

–       Yoon Chunsee



“Saat sebuah kesalahan tercipta maka hukuman adalah sebuah penebusan…”


[FF Of The Week] It’s All Because Of ‘My Love Story’



Author  : Cutemoo

Cast      : Find it urself ^^v

Genre   : Comedy Romance maybe

Length  : One Shot

Disclaimer : Plagiators are not allowed!


‘Hey, bagaimana jika adegan tadi kau masukkan kedalam novelmu? Sepertinya akan sangat menarik’ 





[Fanfic Of The Week] V A N I S H [Sequel of Mr. Math Genius]


Title :   V A N I S H (the sequel of Mr. Math Genius)

Author :  KeNamGiL

This story is inspired by “Waking the Dead” (Billy Crudup, Jennifer Conelly).



[FF Of The Week] Sorry For My Lateness



Author  : CN

Cast       :

  1. Kim Hye Rin
  2. Cho Kyu Hyun

Genre   : Romance

Length  : Oneshoot

Note      : Hey! Ini ff ku yang pertama, jadi maaf ya kalo kurang bagus *maklum pemula hehehe. Oh ya ff ini terinspirasi dari berbagai ff yang pernah aku baca, jadi kalo ada yang mirip-mirip maklumin aja hehehe ^^V



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