Now Anyone Can Publish Story on Sujuff!



Hi everyone!

We’re here to inform all our beloved readers and freelance authors, that we don’t want you to wait anymore! As from right now, everyone can publish their own stories, right away without having to line up in our email. 

Everyone can join Sujuff’s team to be Author or just Freelance Authors. Join our blog of nearly 30,000 published story in here. You can now add yours, and get your own account to publish your perspective, share your narrative and stories. Become a good writer and help us make Sujuff’s a home.

We’re looking for writers to join our new contributor network. Here’s how you can get involved:

To be Sujuff’s Author

Send your email wordpress’s account or your wordpress username to sujuffwriters@gmail, with subject [NEW AUTHOR] so we can add you to our team right away!


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To be Author Freelance

Having trouble creating WordPress’s Account? Don’t worry. Everyone who doesn’t have WordPress’s Account, still eligible to post their own stories on Sujuff. All you have to do is email us to, for requesting the writer’s access to Sujuff.

You just have to send your name or your author’s name [both was fine], with your Twitter username on email with subject [FREELANCE ACCESS]. And we’ll send you the access right away so you can publish or edit your stories everytime and everywhere on sujuff, without having to wait anymore!


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Or if you just too lazy for reaching us by email, you can send your form via Twitter. Send your request to our official Twitter @sujuff via DM or mention us! We’d gladly accepting all the submits from you 🙂

Once we receive your details, we will send you login details to Sujuff system where you can submit content and publish your own stories. We will try to respond your email/DM within 3 days of hearing from you.

Also, there’s no specific deadline or due date. You can apply it everytime! 🙂

If you have any question or anything, you can simply put a comment below. And we’d be glad to help you!




[Party Event] Donghae and Henry Birthday Bash!


“Just know that I care for every string out there and that I love you all.” -Henry Lau, Twitter

“If you want to be alive, don’t ever let Lee Donghae drive.” -Lee Hyukjae

HAI GENG! Hari ini kita kembali menyaksikan acara 4 Mata kali 4 mata! Tadi secara misterius IJaggys baru dapet surat berdarah dari Henry bahwa dia ternyata besok ulang taun, dan galama kemudian IJaggys kembali mendapatkan surat teror dari pantai selatan bahwa sesosok ikan yang mengaku tamfan yez ofcorz! juga akan berulang taun dan dia gamau eventnya kelewatan. Jadi setelah melalui pertimbangan dinamika hidup dan interaksi sosial, di tambah dengan perjanjian pelepasan kemerdekaan sama Sayuti Melik dan geng-gengnya, IJaggys akhirnya membuat postan tentang party event yang akan diselenggarakan oleh mafia cina dan penguasa pantai selatan ini. Iya tau gajelas kata pengantaranya tapi kenapa masih dibaca? ay lap yu h3h3h3h3 #abaikan

Cekidot persyaratanya!